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So spring is here and now is the time to restyle your home, clean out your closets and drawers and do those daunting task that we often don't look forward to. I know, I know, it can be pretty overwhelming, however, I have created a few tips that will help you kick start your home spring refresh project.


Take Inventory of all the things you can donate, toss or store until the next season! I know, I will be the first to admit that I often purchase things in excessive amounts or with every intention to use them at a later date for a particular event, that never seems to arrive! But we have to come to grips to either

1. stop making impulsive purchases, or

2. get rid of those unused items and make them someone else's treasure!

I simply go room by room and take inventory of items that I have not used in over 6 months or a year. Once I have identified those items, the decluttering project starts. I separate those items, by three categories:

1. Items to Donate,

2. Items to Toss, and

3. Items to Store (these are items that are used on a seasonal basis).

Once I have organized those items, I start with getting the DONATION items out first. I do not want an opportunity for those items to magically appear in the STORE box, lol! Second to go, of course are the items that I need to TOSS. I bag them up carefully and ensure I am putting them out on trash day immediately. Lastly, I am gathering and sorting through the items that are required to be STORED.


Do you have that one room or space that just makes you tired every time you look in it and think about re-organizing it? It is the closets for me! I use my closets for exactly their purposes and I mean they get used, lol!

So to break free of the daunting task of re-organizing and giving each room that spring refresh, I tackle my most daunting space(s) first so that I can move on to more calming and less stressful spaces.

Identify your most daunting room. Plan out how you desire it to look and feel and how you desire to feel when you go into this space. Take inventory of your items and 1, 2, 3, Just start!!!


Well, nothing is ever wrong with a nice thorough cleaning, right?! I love to kick start my seasonal refresh projects with a good ole' deep cleaning!

Wiping down all the baseboards, getting those left over spiderwebs out the corners you probably been looking at for a few weeks, or just a good thorough dusting, lol!

Plan out your day or week tackling room by room, putting on your favorite music and just have at it!


I can't stress this enough, but re-arranging your furniture creates a totally different atmosphere in your home.

Of course, this is the oldest trick in the book, yet so impactful! I often get so comfortable with one furniture arrangement in my rooms. But most of the time, this is the only thing a room requires to give you a different perspective and entire mood for the space.

My all time favorite space layout is an open space. When the room allows me to, I often like to rearrange my furniture to have a more open floor plan concept, especially for the spring seasons. It makes the space feel more spacious, it gives more volume, it feels so refreshing, and it gives you opportunities to create more defined spaces.


I like to change out the colors within my spaces based on the season. This is partially why I like to start with a neutral pallette on the walls and my furniture. Therefore, I can always have that fresh look and feel when the seasons change.

Having a lighter color back-drop on my walls and furniture allows me to change the little things to bring in that spring-like feel. Changing your tablecloth, placemats, pillows, rugs, drapery, center pieces, will definitely make your space feel more refresh and ready for the spring season.


One concept that I use often is to relocate and repurpose items. I find often times, I get so tired of looking at the same items over and over again. But, when I relocate them and use them for a different purpose, I fall in love all over again with them.

Reallocate some of those items that you typically see or use in other spaces to give it a different use and a different feel all together. For instance if you use a special bowel as a center piece in your living room, how about moving it to the dining room table and adding in new accessories that fits more in alignment with spring colors and materials. Or you can repurpose the use of it by relocating it. For instance, like moving it to your entry table to store your keys.

Another idea is to re-arrange your picture frames with new photos or digital art to add a pop of color within your space. This is very inexpensive and will just add a new refreshing feel to your space.


Often we focus on what we see in a space and forget about how impactful the smell of a space can be. Of course after the decluttering, cleaning, rearranging, repurposing your accessory items, I always top it off with a little added fragrance.

Fragrance can change the entire atmosphere and mood in your space. Introducing new scented candles, flowers, infusions, soaps, bags of potpourri throughout your drawers or closets or even just opening the windows and allowing the fresh air to fill your home will certainly do the trick.


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