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Starlite Williams - Founder

I am here to help our clients turn their visions into reality. Whether they need home staging or our design services, there is nothing more rewarding than to see our clients overwhelmed with joy and satisfaction at the completion of their project.  


I think we all can relate to being in a space that we were just not quite pleased with. Right? Maybe not sure what to do with it to make it come to life. Or perhaps it just doesn’t give you the warm and happy feelings you desire. I know that I have experienced that feeling before when my husband and I moved together in our first apartment. It was a tiny little space with very awkward room configurations. We needed a way to make it feel warm, inviting and feel like HOME! Therefore, with the use of warm colors, soft textures, signature accessory pieces and the right space planning, we felt right at HOME in our tiny apartment!


Starlite Williams Design Studio (SWDS) was established in 2020 in the heart of Detroit, Michigan. SWDS offers home staging and a wide range of interior design services for new construction and remodeled residential and small commercial projects. The firm’s primary focus is to offer expertise in creating spaces that showcases our client’s personality and sophistication. Our ability to providing dedication and support enables SWDS to be a dominant player in the design industry.


As the founder of SWDS, our talented and versatile principal designer, Starlite, has always had an eye for design. Over 20 years of profession, she has worked on a number of projects, such as, residential, corporate and hospitality projects throughout the country. With her variety of skills and experience, Starlite has been motivated and determined to launch SWDS to offer her unique beliefs, visions, and passions, therefore, she decided to pursue her passion for design full-time to better serve her clients. She is a nationally accredited designer recognized by the National Council for Interior Design Qualifications (NCIDQ). She is a certified Home Stager as well as a Realtor. 



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