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TIP #1: REARRANGE YOUR FURNITURE – people typically question, “what is the best way to arrange my furniture?” This may be a trial and error, but I recommend the following:

  • Start with planning out the layout. Simply sketch out your space. This doesn’t have to be difficult. We are not suggesting that you have to create a Picasso piece of art. Simply draw your room out and draw in ideal areas for each piece of furniture.

  • Focus on the function of each piece of furniture. The key is to maintain a clean traffic flow throughout the space.

  • Find the key focal point in your space and arrange your furniture around this key element. Focal points could be fireplaces, large windows, TV, etc.

TIP #2: ADD NEW ACCESSORIES – Adding accessories in your space is very important, it is what gives a room it’s personality and character. Accessories range from artwork, window treatment, lighting, plants, accent pillows, vases, area

rugs, textures, etc. Our recommendation is to select items that make you happy while allowing each piece to create a cohesive look or style. As an interior designer, I do not believe in rules. All rules are allowed to be broken and you should always design and decorate your space in a way that makes you feel comfortable and happy.

TIP #3: ACCENT WALL – Perhaps you do not have the budget to refinish every wall in your space. One way to reduce cost, but refresh your space, is to create a focal/accent wall. An accent wall is intended to draw attention to the space. I always recommend to select the wall that has less architectural interest, detailing, such as less door openings, windows, etc. Below are options to create an accent wall:

  • PAINT – this is the simplest and most cost-effective option. Use a complimentary color that is being used on the adjacent walls. For example, if your color scheme is orange, gold and cream and your walls are painted cream, paint your accent wall orange or gold or a combination of both.

  • GALLERY PICTURE WALL – select picture frames or a group of art that is random in size, shapes and style. Or you can use matching frames, shelves or art aligned in multiple rows to create a dramatic effect.

  • WALLPAPER – This could be the most expensive and time consuming of them all. Wallpaper can vary between paper or fabric. I recommend fabric wallpapers if you are not allowed to finish your walls due to it being a rental. Both fabric and paper wallpaper can come in solid simple patterns or very bold patterns.

TIP #4: RE-UTILIZE AND REALLOCATE FURNITURE OR ACCESSORIES – Before tossing out the unwanted furniture, see if it could be re-utilized and reallocated in another space. This can be a DIY project where you take an old chair and repaint it match the rest of your decor. You can find great DIY projects on Youtube or Pinterest or you can follow us on our pinterest page for more DIY projects and inspirations at

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