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So, we are 9 days into the new year! Have you carried a lot of 2018 clutter into your fresh start? I am not sure about you, but for me, it is so difficult to get anything accomplished at home, work, or anywhere around tons of clutter. If you are anything like me, clutter just makes your life very unproductive and quite honestly does not make your home, office or space look inviting. I can go on forever on de-cluttering tips, but here are 5 simple tips to help you start your new year off right with de-cluttering your space.

TIP #1: SCHEDULE A DE-CLUTTER DAY / WEEKEND Find that day where you have uninterrupted time. Whether it is on your off day from work, vacation day or what I call a “whenever” day, just schedule that darn day on your calendar! Give your family, friends, co-workers, whoever the heads up. Whatever it takes, just SCHEDULE IT! Ok, so now half the battle is done….

TIP #2: START IN THE WORST ROOM/SPACE Yes, I said it, start in the worst room or space. Once you have accomplished the worst room, it is like a snowball effect. It only gets easier from this point. Why make life more difficult. Pull out clothes, household items, shoes, beauty products, etc. You need to visually see these items and make decisions to keep, trash or donate.

TIP #3: CREATE 3 PILES (KEEP, TRASH, DONATE) Create 3 piles or you can use boxes that are labeled with KEEP, TRASH, DONATE.

  • KEEP – These are items that you actually use. They could have been used in the last week or month, however, they are serving their purpose.

  • TRASH – These are items that you have not used in over 6 months, do not plan to use, or serve no value. TOSS THEM OUT ASAP!!! Let’s not even think twice about them.

  • DONATE – These are items, that you absolutely do not use, you have no desire to use or may not have used over 1 year or more. However, these items are in good condition and could be of use to someone else. Just donate them and allow them to be another man’s treasure!

TIP #4: RE-ORGANIZE / ORGANIZE ALL ITEMS So now here comes the fun part. Reorganizing all of your items. Storage bins are great for keeping your items organized. You want to keep all of your similar items together. Summer clothes, beauty products, household items, etc. Find spaces that make since for these items to belong. Put all the KEEP items back in a neat and orderly fashion. TRASH and DONATE items should be removed immediately.

TIP #5: STAY COMMITTED TO A DE-CLUTTERING ROUTINE Now that you have re-organized everything, teach your household the same tips. Make this a standard throughout the year. Try to re-organize every 3 months. Simply love the un-clutter look and make this a daily effort to stay committed.

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